Clearance Tent Event

Walmart has a tent that has a big sign outside says “CLEARANCE” this is a tent located just on the side of Walmart. Crazy goodness, prices will drive every mom carzy ( I mean those mom who liked to shop only) LOL! Mostly, prices range form $0.25, $0.50 and above but still very affordable. There was a Sophia mirror set or castle that was cut down half the price and big action figures for boys. I actually got some stuffed for my kids and myself too. A high heeled scotch tape holder from scotch that was originally price at $9+ was down to $1.00, how bad is that? :)

Got a small kind of journal book for my personal use but my daughter spotted it and liked it, she asked so I gave it to her. It was only $0.50 anyway. Were going to Walmart tomorrow for our grocery shopping and hope I can still get another journal book for myself.

For my lil one, I got him alien figures, two for a dollar. He likes them and he was happy. I got my girl straws that came with dog thing where you insert your straw and got her a metal pencil case too. :) Were all happy! LOL! :) Shopping for bargain prices is really fun!

Vintage Violin Bass

Vintage are always the best looking and always unique. It is a real treasure. Instruments or other things these days does not have the quality liked vintage! No wonder vintage is rare and are collectibles. Only if I can avail this vintage violin for my mom. She loved vintage items. She also into playing violin bass. She will surely be so happy and who doesn’t? Never thought that I will come across to one of this vintage violin bass, it is really great looking, so neat and sophisticated. Are you looking too?

Summer Outfit For Less

I got some good deals at the yardsale. There was only a couple places that we visited as it is still early for people to do their yardsales. Anyway, I got some summer outfits (shorts and shirts) and hopefully to see more some ysard sale next month. Overall, I spent $10.00 in one place and got brand name clothing. A dollar a piece. Though, normal yardsale prices were under a dollar but this place had it for a dollar a piece which is understandable for it was all branded.

My main purpose was to buy something for the kids but she don’t have the kids clothes. When we went to the other place, we got some toys for the kids. For now, they have the toys and later hope to find summer clothes for them.

Hubby already spent a fortune for their summer clothes at the store. He don’t liked to go to the consignment store for kids clothing. He even don’t liked to go to the yardsale but I insisted really hard for him to agree. Too bad, no such luck for the kids. I have a friend and will arrange a time with her where we can both explore the yardsales which there will be a community yardsale next month in the area.

A Place To Go For Affordable Guitars

Acoustic guitar is what my brother was looking for. So far, prices are not friendly to his budget. It is difficult to find something that has the quality with a reasonable or affordable prices. Fortunately, I came across to an online place that specialize in selling different types of guitars. This place offers the lowest price guaranteed. I spotted something under $300 in this website – there are different sizes, colors and models. If you are in the look out for guitars that are affordable, check out this place!