Archive for February 26th, 2012

Bow Dress Purse

How cool is this purple bow dress purse. Sweet spring style is in the bag! In faux patent leather. Handle is fashioned of strung faux pearls and faceted translucent. Perfect to go along with the purple dress that I have posted. This is so cute and our sweet daughter will surely look so adorable with this. Purple dress plus purple purse. Oh, cannot wait how she will look like. Purse is under $8.00 available at Children’s Place.

Purple Easter Dress

Our daughter loves purple and she will surely like this dress. She needs a new dress for the upcoming Easter. The dress is $30.00 which is affordable. She is getting excited about Easter egg hunting too and I am glad we have that big event in our area that I have to call the place and ask information about the Easter egg hunting event.