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Cat Eye Glasses

It won’t be long summer will be here.  Time for those summer outfit and summer accessories to be wear again. Sunglasses are very important most especially in the summer as they protect our eyes from the sun. There are different styles of sunglasses according to the person’s face shape. This cat eye sunglasses might look perfect for a person with a round shape of face. So cool and so stylish.

Hello Kitty Pink Strap Watch

To all Hello Kitty collector this over sized watch is good for you. Over sized watch indeed. Pretty straps in pink. So feminine. I do like it. You can buy this for $30.00 at JC Penny website. The price is absolutely affordable. My sister’s birthday will be in June and I am planning of buying one as a gift for her.


Social Media Marketing, a Non-Traditional Way to Promote Products

Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Multiply, Pinterest and others have gained so much popularity among the many Internet users today. When one has access to the Internet, probably the first website one will open is Facebook or Yahoo or Google. These Internet giants have greatly influenced the way we live and have also help so many businesses and companies with regards to e-commerce.

Knowing the wide reach of social media, many companies took advantage of it by placing advertisements in these sites. This is one total social media marketing strategy that has boosted sales and increased profits. With just simple text coupled with a small image or company logo linking to the company’s website, Internet users can click on the ads and they are redirected to the company. It is also perhaps one of the cheapest ways to market and promote brands, products and services.

Tapping the power and reach of the Internet will take businesses and companies to greater heights. With the influence of the World Wide Web, marketing and promotions has never been this easy. It may be the non-traditional way of promoting products and advertising, but when it becomes viral and prominent, sales and profits will definitely skyrocket.

Fashion Clip Earrings

Clip earrings are nice for the people who does not want their ear to be pierce. I found this pair of clip earrings online for under $220.00-  it is 22 karat gold plated with clip fastening with optional padding for non- pierced ears. Tear drops design. Beautiful color, elegant and very feminine. Perfect for parties and other special event.