2011 Championship for Toulouse Olympique

In Philippines, people love to play sport but not the football. I had no idea about football game not until I came here in the USA. I heard about it when I was still in Philippines but I was not that interested. On the other hand, we played different sports in Philippines. Basketball is everybody’s sport but not football. Though, I have the access of learning and watching football through television but I was not that determined. My interest in football started when my husband and I started dating. He would talk about football and how he wants his team to win.

When I came here in the USA my perception and interest about football had totally change. People are in to the said sport. The tailgating, the supporters, the food and the traffics are really part of the football season. There are many famous players in football. By the way, are you aware of France Rugby League? And, how about the player Greg White? How about the France Rugby League 2011 squad?

Greg White is the key rugby league player in the 2011 Championship for Toulouse Olympique, the only French team in the competition. He is a rugby league and rugby union player from Australia, with English and French passports. Do not miss to watch the interesting and very exciting France Rugby League 2011 video. Gregory White also plays in the opening friendly against the Catalan Dragons and currently plays in the French Elite competition in France. This is really exciting and worth watching. Go for Gregory White!

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