Archive for March 21st, 2012

Cashmere Beret

Are you a fan of cashmere? This beret is made of cashmere. I love it as it has my favorite color. Surely will keep your noggin warms from the freezing cold weather. Cute design. Decorated with cute bow. I do not have a cashmere. This one will be perfect.

Whitening Toothpaste


I was been  eyeing on this toothpaste before it cost almost $7.00 for this medium size tube and to think that it is not loaded with toothpaste inside. I like to drink coffee, soda and eat chocolate  too. They are not good for the teeth as they can cause discoloration. I am not that vain I mean not anymore. Since, I got married I stop spoiling myself. I turned spoiling my kids. Anyway, I  bought this toothpaste and yes, I like it because it works. Only too expensive. I cannot afford to use this for a long term as I cannot live without drinking coffee and soda. Just enough for me to knew that this product works.

Express Your Freedom with Blu!

Smoking can be a very expensive habit. I knew that because my husband smoke. He used to buy his cigarette at the store. Can you imagine how expensive each pack? It is almost $5.00 and he could  consume  a pack everyday. Seven times a week is $35.00 and that is only for his smoking. A money that we can save at least. Now, he is making his own cigarette. He bought a cigarette maker. Yes, he saves a little but sometimes he gets late for work because making his cigarette is time consuming. I felt badly for him because he could not give up his smoking. For him, smoking relaxes his nerves and helps him concentrate in things.

There are number of things that I do not like when it comes to regular cigarette. It has the ash, strong nicotine, the strong smell, the smoke, and the cigarette butts. We have the kids in the house and to inhale the smoke from the cigarette is a big concern. I am happy if my husband is happy and smoking is one of his happiness. I can support to his habit by buying the blu electronic cigarette it is safe! He can smoke it almost everywhere. Does not have to worry about the smell, smoke, tar and the ash. Plus it is affordable with the 30 money back guarantee, free shipping and one year warranty. This is the perfect cigarette for my husband.

Leopard Sandals

I am not a tall person but I love to wear flat shoes or sandals. My mom kept telling me to buy sandals or shoes with some inches on it to add some height. I admire those women who wears sandals or shoes as high as 3 inches or more. They look so feminine and so sexy. It is just not my thing. Every time I see a pair of sandals like this one especially it comes with leopard design, come on I surely have the hard time forgetting it. This has the classic style and design. Perfect for summer. Looks sophisticated, durable and no doubt comfortable for any feet. This pair will surely pamper my feet. Need to save $175 to own this sandal.