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Three Pairs of Nike Shoes






These are the shoes that one of my sister-in-law bought for my daughter. She under estimated my daughter’s shoe size. Joke! Seriously, she got three pairs for my daughter but too bad there all small vary from size 10 and size 11. She likes the pink shoes but it does not fit to her big feet. These shoes are NIKE shoes. Since, my daughter has the big feet I think I will have these shoes to be donated at Salvation Army plus the rest of clothing and toys that we do not need anymore.

Manhattan Saddlery Online Store

I was amazed how much horses I have seen in our area and to many places here in the USA. It was not typical to see horses to the country where I grew up. Horses are very expensive animal to buy. There is a sport that horses are use called equestrian. It is a very interesting and very well known sport all over the world. Kids and adults play the said sport. There are proper training involved. Once you are in this sport wearing a proper riding apparel is a must. A rider needs to be comfy and flexible during the practice and the competition.

The half chaps are necessary for every horse rider because it serves as a protective gear to shield their lower legs from the brush and branches. They pass trails after trails and prairies during the practice. Chaps are also available in full size. If you need something apparel for the said sport. There is Manhattan saddlery store. They have their online/ website to visit. They sell footwear, riding apparel, horse tack, luggage, helmets, glove and you can even shop by brand name. Prices are very reasonable. And lastly, there are affiliate program for horseback riding equipment stores. It is very important to be part of such program. This will help every business grows successfully.The competition is so great and with affiliate program your success is on the way!