Comfy Stud Earrings!


Jewelry is really part of every woman’s life. For me, I adore and collects different types of jewelry such as sterling silver, yellow, white and rose gold for my investment. I do not feel complete without my earrings. I wear it everyday. Stud earring is what I always preferred to wear. With all my stud earrings I never felt so comfortable like my new comfy earrings™!

The ComfyEarrings™  can be worn anytime of the day. Safe and easy to wear. Just what I needed. I love my classic comfy earrings™- the most comfortable earrings on earth indeed! It comes in different colors such as enchanted emerald, beat the blues, pretty in pink, fit for a queen and the classic that I own a pair.

Traditional earrings have a few problems:

1. They have a back that slides on the post. Often, this makes the earring too tight, which squishes your earlobe causing soreness and irritation. 

2. They have a post that sticks out the back and pokes you in the neck when you lay down or talk on the phone.


 1.) Solve these problems and bring relief to your ears and neck by using a flat back that screws on the earring posts.

2.) The  flat back eliminates the pressure on your ears and, because it covers the back of the post, it protects your neck from painful pokes when you talk on the phone or sleep.

ComfyEarrings™ offers the following:

– Risk free Guarantee

-Free Shipping


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