Fountain of Youth


As much as possible I do not want our daughter to drink water from the water fountain I just do not find it safe and healthy. So many kids or adults drinks water from it. I guess that is only being “ME” – I had her water bottle in the diaper bag which I left in the pick up truck. I thought she would not be playing that much but I was wrong:(

The photo was taken yesterday inside the school. She got thirsty while doing the “AMAZING GAME” where students have to find each department or room like computer room, cafeteria, bathrooms, Kindergarten rooms, nurse station, library and more. It was really fun!

The final destination for all students and parents was the gymnasium. Everyone was gathered. The principal has a short message for all parents, reminders. We met the to Kindergarten teachers too. Therefore, we knew the Kindergarten teachers. There are only two Kindergarten rooms.


She really likes her outfit. She told her Daddy that she looks so fancy:)



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