Original Kid Crocs Sandals





We went to the department store yesterday and my main purposed was to buy Cassandra a new pair of sandal. Gosh, this crocs sandal is really expensive for me. I paid $34.99 not hubby’s money but my money from blogging. This is the reasoned why I cannot stop or give up my blogging career. He, he!!

I was in the “Yes or No” situation because I like the crocs it is original and in high quality. Durable, nice color and very comfortable. Cassandra was really found it so comfy as she was walking around when she had it on to try. I am just like the rest of the mommies who wants to give the best. I was choosing between the crocs sandals and the Adidas thong sandal which is very light and very comfy too for $24.99.

I asked my husband which one should I buy and he said better buy the crocs sandals because it is so obvious that Cassandra really likes it. And, when I tried to tell Cassandra that we are going to buy the Adidas she said “NO” and she wants the crocs. Headed to the cashier to pay for the sandals and told her that their crocs are so “EXPENSIVE” she smiled and said” crocs never go on sale” and I told her yeah, because they are in “DEMAND” many people buy them.

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