Shopping for a Laptop Computer

I was been browsing online looking for laptop computer. There are different prices depending to the brand name and gigabyte of the computer. I saw one, that interest me but it is under $500.00 with all the reviews been said and done despite of the price  I like it. I do not have the budget to buy right now but it is important to have the idea for the amount that I need to save. I hope that this Christmas I will be able to buy it for myself or who knows, miracle might happen. I told my husband about buying me a laptop yesterday and he only gave me his sweetest smile. I hope it means positive. I would love to think it that way.

He bought lawn  mower and snow plow for himself. He shopped and bought the kids their swing set and how about me? That is what I told him yesterday where he responded me with his sweetest smile. I hope it stands for “YES” – mother’s day is coming. If only I do not have those financial responsibilities back home I can for sure afford to buy my own laptop without asking from my husband. Aside of sending monthly financial support to my mom I also have the responsibilities of paying the loans back home.

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