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RF Heat Sealing Equipment

Tools, machine and equipment, that were made before has a big difference when performance are being compared for today’s made machines. Factories and industries uses microwave and not juts a simple microwave. They, uses a heavy duty and sufficient industrial microwaves. The RF Sealers are use in the automotive, industrial fabrics, packaging, medical, office products and numerous other industries.

The Thermex Thermatron has over 65 years of experience and has installed more kilowatts of RF and microwave power for industrial use compares to other company in the world. Experience is one of the factor that needs to be considered. Therefore, the Thermex Thermatron have proven their performance and services for all those years that make them earn the reputation in the industry for being excellence in new product development, engineering and manufacturing of the world’s largest Industrial RF heating systems, engineering and manufacturing of advanced Microwave power supplies and conveyor ovens and solutions to the most complex application challenges.

The company manufactures quality industrial RF systems, industrial microwave systems and Rf heat sealing equipment. For more information, simply visit their website. It is easy to contact them. You can do it by filling up the form provided on their website. In return, their representative will contact you. They also develop custom application solutions for all your industrial RF and industrial microwave heating needs. If in need of RF heating, check online or this place for your information.