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Sexy, Fun and Cute Scrub Uniform


I loved to see those women that wear their cute scrub uniforms. It is important to stay fashionable and stylish when wearing a unirform. Well, I was about to start my job early this year at the assisted living home where wearing scrub uniform is a must. Went to the stores but unfortunately, there was no uniform that I likes. Glad I did not buy a pair since I called and rejected the job due to some personal reasons. :)

The photo above of all 3 cute and sexy uniforms are what I wanted. Maybe when time come for me to start working, I will order those styles. Loved all the prints and style. so feminine and classy!

Where to Shop for Sexy Mermaid Wedding Dresses


Gorgoues Mermaid Strapless Chapel Train Appliques Wedding Dress 535- ItemCode:10820753

Market Price:USD $485.00

dressv Price: USD $163.99


Brilliant Sweetheart Mermaid Floor-length Flowers Wedding Dress 3315- ItemCode:10819533

Market Price:USD $649.00

dressv Price: USD $317.99


Gorgeous Mermaid/Trumpet Beading Appliques V-Neck Wedding Dress 493- ItemCode:10820711

Market Price:USD $355.00

dressv Price: USD $172.99

To become a bride is such a wonderful and hard to explain feeling because of the overwhelming joy! Shopping for a wedding dress is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Therefore, no bride wants to fail or look lame when it comes to choosing and wearing the best wedding dress on her big and special day. Some bride wants to look like a princess, some would love to look like a fairy and some wants to be simple while other brides are dreaming of looking like a mermaid by wearing a sexy mermaid wedding dresses.

Designing your own mermaid wedding dress can take so much time, money and effort. Lucky for those bride these days where Dress V the expert when it comes to wedding dreses exist where they offer affordable wedding dresses to all bride. This makes every bride dream come true!

Check out those top 3 mermaid wedding dresses that I picked from Dress V’s wesbite. They are lovely and sexy, aren’t they? Prices are so affordable. This website is a dream come true! If you want to check for more mermaid wedding dresses designs and styles, don’t hesitate of visiting Dress V’s website. Explore and discover the one that you truly love.

Sexy and Affordable Homecoming Dresses!


Gorgeous Beading Strapless A-Line Cocktail Dress, Short Homecoming Dress-


Market Price:USD $215.00

dressv Price: USD $99.99


A-Line One-Shoulder Mini-Length Empire Waistline Anita s Prom Homecoming Dress 9790 -


Market Price:USD $241.00

dressv Price: USD $119.99


Gorgeous A-Line Sweetheart Mini/Short-Length Empire Miriama s Prom/Homecoming Dress 8905-


Market Price:USD $349.00

dressv Price: USD $137.99

Shopping for a sexy, stylish dresses for homecoming can be a daunting task! I knew as I was there before, looking for the best dress from one store to another store. The trip was endless! And when I found the best dress that I want, the price was the problem. It was too expensive to where I could impossibly afford. Time was wasted and effort.

Now with stores available online, shopping to a different stores is not a problem and browsing for 2014 homecoming dresses from dress v can be fun. As you see the photos above, those are just some of the cute, sexy, stylish  home coming dresses from Dress V!

For your own convenience, if you like what you see, you can simply visit Dress V and search for the item code of the dress that you like in the photos above. Note: You can compare the market prices to Dress V prices. What a big savings!

Check them out, look prettiest and sexiest in your homecoming dress! :)

Comfortable Summer Outfit for Kids!

Enjoying the water at the park while washing her hands..  

Baby brother is having fun on nhis new bicycle…

Officially, summer is here! The time for us to freed ourselves from wearing layer after layered of clothes.  Summer is always my favorite season of the year though hubby does not liked it much. Humidity and high temperature really drain his energy which I could understand. But, summer still the best for I coudl do whatever I want such as going to the beach, cooking in the grill, go to the park, and most of all wear shorts, shirts are very comfortable.

My kids gets hot and sweat easily. When it summer, it means shopping time for their clothes. I buy them sleeveless shirts or a light weight short sleeve shirt, shorts and capri pants. See, how comfortable to just wear a single layer of clothes? I felt bad seeing them wearing the bulky coats and long sleeve shirts and jeans when it is winter or at fall season. How I wish it is always summer, all year round. :)

Summer clothes/outfit are cute too! Loved shopping and not to forget the “flip flops” hurray! Though in these photos my kids were not wearing flip flops, they were wearing sneakers as we were at the park and lots of running here and there. LOL!