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Fancy Dress For Christmas Party!

Filipino American party will be this coming Saturday. Finally, the wait will be over. LOL! I started looking for outfits and dresses that our girl can wear on the party. Many that I saw that I ended not buying because I am so picky! I was getting frustrated and I was running out of time.

Of course, don’t want my daughter to attend the party wearing jeans and shirt. She is my baby doll and want her to wear a dress for a special occassion. For me, it is just proper to have her wear a holiday dress. Went to the store to buy her new shoes, she got a gold, glittery shoes, her choice.

Still, no dress! Last year, I bought her two fancy dresses but did not really think of the other one. The black and white dress is for her Christmas concert at school on the 11th- glad I saw the other dress and it fits perfectly to her gold and glittery shoes. Now, we are set and sshe thinks that she looks fancy on her dress, shoes and bolero that has a fancy design. 😉

Pink Flamingo Balloon and Pink Hello Kitty Sunglasses


My daughter when she was 5 years old! 😉 Sweaty but still a cutie! 😉 This was back in summer 2012. I took this photo inside the truck after we got back from our grocery shopping. The Flamingo balloon was purchased at Walmart when she spotted it. Our girl is crazy over balloons, she just loved them. Her Hello Kitty sunglasses was also purchased at Walmart and proud to say that it still exist! 😉 Pure care is what it needs.

Sexy, Fun and Cute Scrub Uniform


I loved to see those women that wear their cute scrub uniforms. It is important to stay fashionable and stylish when wearing a unirform. Well, I was about to start my job early this year at the assisted living home where wearing scrub uniform is a must. Went to the stores but unfortunately, there was no uniform that I likes. Glad I did not buy a pair since I called and rejected the job due to some personal reasons. :)

The photo above of all 3 cute and sexy uniforms are what I wanted. Maybe when time come for me to start working, I will order those styles. Loved all the prints and style. so feminine and classy!

Where to Shop for Sexy Mermaid Wedding Dresses


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