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#SONOMA Original Fit Essential Plaid Twill Shorts


 Buy it now for $8.99 – Free shipping!


Buy it now for $8.99 – Free shipping!

Spring is here and the weather can sometime be really felt liked summer where you have to wear shorts and shirts. I was doin gsome shopping for summer clothes and got these 2 Womens SONOMA Original Fit Essential Plaid Twill Shorts, New with Tag for $8.99 each with free shipping! Isn’t a great deal? You don’t have to wait and bid and felt diasppointed if ever you’ll outbid.

Since, it is under $10.00 and new and it’s Sonoma, I did not hesitate of buying two. Originally, I first bought the top short and when I recieved and tried it, the fit was perfect, it was light and soft where I was very comfortable. Because of that, I decided to buy another one which is the blue plaid shorts. ;)

Different Style of #MaxiDress – Perfect for Summer!



Sexy Pink Lady’s Long Maxi Party Dress


Elegant Asymmetric Hem Women Sexy Chiffon Long Maxi dress


Sexy Stunning Blue Floral Print Long Maxi Dress

Beautiful ans sexy maxi dresses that are perfect for summer! These are some of the dresses that I saw from eBay seller name “hyclothes” if you want to see more of her or his clothes, check his or her store for more dresses for different occasion.

My Own Little Fashionista


one of her favorite owl hat…


with Pochi…

The owl hat that I bought on eBay a couple years ago. Yesterday, our girl found  and wear it. I thought she really looked so pretty! :) I grabbed my camera and asked started clicking it. Glad she allowed me and indeed, pose for mommy! Sweet! :) The second photo was with Pochi, she always likes that when Pochi is part of the photo.

This is the beauty of having a girl because I can buy her any accessories that will surely makes her look prettier. :) I loved buying clothes and accessories, she’s my living and fashionista doll. :)

Multi Strand #Luckybrand Bracelet


I loved wearing this bracelet of mine that I bought on eBay. The reasoned why I liked this very much because it has four strands in different styles and shades. This is from Lucky Brand. If bought from the store, you can only pay $60 or a little over but I bought it in eBay so I didn’t pay that much. It was new when I bought, I knew I was lucky. The seller has a very good and high reputation. He or she only sells leading and known brand names of jewelry.

Now, I came back to check if he or she is still selling this type of bracelet as I want to buy more and to give away to my husband’s best bud’s wife. We attended a party yesterday and they saw my bracelet and really liked it. Too bad, the seller is just selling all Michael Kor’s, Eliot Danori and Gicenchy this time. I hope he or she will still have more of this as I also want to give one to my sister.

Beautiful Evening Dresses for #Plussize Women


image not mine…

Models are wearing

A-Line One Shoulder Beading Sleeveless Floor-Length Chiffon Prom Dresses/Evening Dresses

Plus size women can now enjoy beautiful dresses from 1 dress dot co dot UK with their wide selections. The photo above showing two plus size women. They both look fabulous with the dresses and look sexy! If you are plus size and looking for sexy dresses such as evening, prom, wedding or for special occasion, pay them a visit and you will surely find what you are looking for. Prices are affordable and dresses comes in different colors.