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Bvlgari Perfume for Men

I was talking to my friend yesterday on the telephone. It has been awhile since we had not heard from each other. I was very surprised that she is now into collecting perfumes. Actually, she had bought some perfume lately that she thought it smelled pleasant at first but as it was staying longer, the scent became stronger that gave her a headache!

Her husband’s birthday is approaching, and perfume is what she wants to give as present. I think bvlgari perfume for men will interest her. They have different perfumes and cologne for men to choose from.

Smell Good, Feel Good!

Look how sassy the bottle is? This perfume is from Juicy Couture. So sweet, feeling like a princess. I love perfume but I have no reason of using it everyday. I stayed home and would not make sense to sprayed perfume when you are just staying home. I accumulated a great number of perfume. I am so attracted with this Viva La Juicy bottle. It is under $90.00 for 3.4 oz. What you think?