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Keeping Special Memories with Canvas Printing


 Lately, a canvas printing was a sure hit with my friends online. They were very excited to received their photos and how satisfied they were with the quality. I would agree as I saw it and would like to have my own, too. My kids have so many photos that I really want to frame and hang on the wall. But, putting those precious photos on a picture frame would not really show the beauty itself. The canvas print result is so different, it makes the photos more alive with the vibrant colors and textures. Plus, I was amazed with the prize, it is very affordable and comes in different sizes and styles. I surely, would want some for my kids precious photos.

We took the kids for a joyride the other day, we took the other way for adventure. Of course, I had my camera with me to snap those beautiful moments. One thing I noticed was a new bridge, it was big with secured hand rails. I bet they need the help of metal fabrication when they built it.


Then, a couple days ago, I bought something from the store and  the said item or product was not made locally. It was from the other country.  I was thinking about how they ship it here, probably they used shipping containers since, those items were fragile and it had to crossed the ocean. That is a brilliant idea to rent or use a solid, durable containers to place the items securely.

Fishing is Fun!

My family likes to do outdoor activities especially when the weather is cooperating. Summer is the best season of the year. We all love summer! And, we cannot wait to do all our favorite stuffs and activities. When my husband was single, fishing was one of his active hobby. I am glad, that even he is a family man now, a proud and busy father to two little kids. He stills have the time to go fishing. This time is not with his friend but with our young son. Indeed, hubby is so inspired to go on fishing. He likes coaching our four year old son about all the tricks in fishing.

We are very lucky because we live in the area where the fishing places are not that far away. Our son loves fishing. The father and son always take picture of any fish they catch to document their fishing. Fishing is great especially when you go home with your big catch. Hubby knew that I like to eat fish so when he goes fishing with our son and catches fish. Oh, yum! In our area, there are different kinds of fish like trout and bass. We are planning of buying a boat so that hubby can takes our son to the sea when he gets bigger. It is very amazing to see the different sizes, colors and looks of fish. Fishing is very interesting.

Fancy Flowery Dress


Where is my daughter going? Her Daddy was already outside and she wants to follow him. She went to her bedroom, took her pajamas off and this was her outfit when she got out from her room. I asked her why she wore her flowery dress, the fancy red shoes and what is up with the accessories butterfly net, jar and two purple hats? She replied and told me that it is her fancy dress and she wants to wear it. She is going to catch butterflies. I guess you will catch butterflies easier when you are all dress up. Joke!

Mommy and Daughter Pictorial

Laughing out loud here because of my post title. Anyway, I was been looking for photos for my photo blog challenge today and I stumbled on this one.  Grrr…Makes my heart melt to see my sweet daughter growing up so fast:(  When I took this photo she was only a little over a year old. Mommy’s fashionista! Miss those times where I was her boss in every way. LOL! And for me what I miss about myself on the said photo was my weight. I already gain so much weight on this photo but now I am bigger which is not good and making me sad:(