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#Smartfit Girls Black Boots with Buckle


 size 5.5 girls boots in black color with buckle


 New without tag with the starting price of $3.99 and shipping of $6.00 and has 3 hours remaining. This can be found on eBay! As a shopper online and offline, this is a great steal if I win. Boots are expensive. It is from Smartfit which is a good brand too. It’s not time for wearing boots and my daughter does not wear size 5 yet but I can keep this for future use. :)

Tall Dress Boot Flair in Red


image not mine…

Do you like Red? Do you have red boots in you shoe rack? Are you a fan of tall boots? If you are, then you better not miss this tall dress boot flair in red but also in black for $19.99 which will give you the savings of 50%. Get your pair now while it is still available. Anyway, you can check this out on Sears website. This is really pretty! :)

Elegant Wedding Dresses and Wedding Shoes at DressFirst


Capture-ivory shoes


Are you planning of getting married this year, wanna be a June bride?m Anyway, June bride or not, you will have a wedding dress to wear on your big day! We know that wedding dresses are price differently from the regular dresses. And don’t forget the wedding shoes! I was there before, it took a month for me to finally found my wedding shoes. For you to save money, time and effort, simply visit DressFirst website for wedding dresses, wedding shoes and even cocktail and holiday dresses. So many dresses to choose for important events! See the examples above…

Toddler Girl’s Canvas Hello Kitty Shoes



Yesterday, we went to Target as I requested because I want to buy a winter coat and shoes for our daughter. She has a winter coat and no damage to it but I want her to have more than one winter coat. When we got to Target, we went to the shoes section and saw an athletic shoes for her, she needs a new pair.

We got that and looked for a winter coat, we found but too expensive, $40.00 which does not make sense. But before we reached to the girls clothing section, I noticed this particular section where they had the Hello Kitty shoes, it says, ” clearance” I checked and was very surprised that it was down to $6.88, original priced was $22.99- I got so excited and hope that there is a size that would fit to our daughter. The largest size left was size 13, her athletic shoes was size 1. I asked hubby to fit the Hello Kitty shoes to our daughter as I was busy chasing to our little boy.

I was able to take a deep breath out when our daughter said, it fits very well and not tight! Wow, it was really meant for us, for her.