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Fashion Weave Wrap Up Around Bracelet with Watch


In Blue but it does look like Purple


In Brown color

This is the new style, new fad by women . I first saw this attractive and stylish wrap up bracelet with attached watch on eBay as I was looking for something. I so liked it, came in different colors. Those are the two colors that I liked and planning to buy. I will not buy t for myself but for my sister. This is her kind of fashion, her style. Believe it or not, price is $5.69 with free shipping, will be coming from China but seller seems to have a good shipping reputation according to her feedback.

Wristband Lady Watch

I am not a watch person but, I think it will not hurt me to buy this watch for $6.99, shipping is free.. I liked the rectangular shape. I don’t wear my expensive watch whenever I/we go out. Hubby, would asked me about time and I don’t know because I don’t have my watch. This watch is perfect for everyday wear.

Are you A Watch Person

I never remember a time in my life where I become a watch person at all. But, I am a bracelet, ring and earring person. I love to wear those jewelry. Hubby gave me a Casio watch on my 25th birthday and until now, the watch still in excellent condition. It’s because I don’t wear it often despite for the fact that it is useful for time checking. I prefer checking the time on my cell phone instead.

Funky Fashion Watch

I was talking to my family back home and even got the chance to talked to my cousins. We talked about Christmas, too bad we can’t make it. We don’t have the airfare budget. My youngest sister was asking me for a fashion watch. Some of my cousins wanted to have a fashion watches too. Since, I can’t go home for Christmas I was thinking of buying them something as a gift and send it over. Luckily, I found fashion watch for a very low price which makes me able to buy more than one. They have a fun colors and funky styles. Just right for my sister and young cousins back home.